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Gender MALE
Occupation Private Chef
Location New York City, NY, United States
Introduction A Private Chef in New York City who sometimes longs to be doing something else. Unfortunately, as my attention span rivals that of a fruit fly, that 'something else' changes too often to truly consider the switch. My love for great food and my passion for doing nothing creates an unresolvable dilemna in my life. What should i become? A professional eater? Your suggestions are welcome knowing that 'Passive' and 'Income' are my two favorite words. I enjoy sharing stories & recipes with you my friends...but would gladly accept free therapy in exchange! For questions, donations or adoption you can contact me at: eprivatechef@yahoo.com
Interests Food, Cooking, Baking, Restaurants, Wine, Music, Travels, Books, Cookbooks, Eastern Philosophy, Meditation, Asia, Quantum Physics, Albert Einstein, Passive Income, France
Favorite Movies Pulp Fiction, The Dinner Game, Amelie, Ghandi, What the bleep do we know, The Lover, Indochine, Lord of the rings series, Star Wars Series, Le Grand Bleu, Lost in Translation
Favorite Music Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Prince, Ben Harper, Paris Combo, Jack Johnson, Coldplay, M, Manu Chao
Favorite Books White Heat, Kitchen Confidential, The Field:the quest for the secret force of the universe, As You Think, The Alchemist, Island by Aldous Huxley

Why do you think honeydew is the money melon?

euuuhhhh....cuz it's green?