Anne B.

About me

Industry Communications or Media
Location Somewhere in PA, United States
Favorite Movies I'm usually in it for the popcorn! Some of my favorites: Leaving Las Vegas, The Breakfast Club, Goodfellas, 80s and early 90s Steve Martin movies
Favorite Music When I married my husband I married his music and I love it! It's very diverse -- Johnny Cash to The Killers, Billy Joel to Ben Folds, Paul Okenfold to Poison.
Favorite Books Just about anything by John Irving or Anne Tyler. He was a pig by today's standards but I have a soft spot for Charles Bukowsi.

What's the most amount of sand you've ever had in your swimming trunks?

I had so much in the liner one time that the crotch of my suit hung to my knees. I sat in the surf until mom brought me a towel. I was 13 and a brat. She was teasing me in a good-natured way with the towel and I yelled at her to give it to me. *gulp* Sorry, Mom!