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Industry Arts
Occupation Aspiring Debut Author, Artist in watercolors, pastels, and acrylics.
Location Tampa Bay, Florida, United States
Introduction Renaissance woman striving to constantly improve and beautify my corner of the world one book at a time. Have you ever wondered what, exactly, happens once people die? Do they continue life with purpose, learn and grow, only in a different way or on a separate plane? Or do their spirits exist in some form of suspended animation for an indeterminate time? As a person who has had interactions with those who have passed on, I decided to take this knowledge and put it into fictional form. My debut novel SAVING THE DEAD is the result. Losing a friend or loved one can be devastating. Through my fictionalized story, I’d like to offer hope: hope that you will see loved ones again; hope that after death, we can learn and grow, become better, even become our best selves. We can learn true forgiveness of others and ourselves, allowing us to shed the baggage of our wrongs (and those who have wronged us). Or to the contrary, we can carry our worst selves to the other side, bogged down with anger, fear, or hate. You may or may not believe in ghosts, but I hope to change your mind that they do, indeed, exist. Because they believe in us.
Interests Writing, painting, creating, music, travel.
Favorite Movies All the good ones in whatever genre they may exist.
Favorite Music Most of it, though not so keen on country. And rap--my ears rebel.
Favorite Books The ones that pierce my heart and make me cry or fall in love, or contain bravery I'll never possess.

What fear must you face to overcome that part of you that denies yourself success?