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Gender Female
Introduction I have owned parrots since I was 8 and I am now in school for my Integrative Animal Biology degree! I love volunteering and gaining new experiences. I started helping out a local parrot rescue at 16 after hearing about it from volunteering at my local parks and rec wild bird kid's program. From there I started volunteering at our local zoo AND aquarium, so I'm quite obsessed! I am currently a foster mom for Florida Parrot Rescue and still volunteer for the aquarium. I myself am no researcher or Dr. in the Behavior or Psychology field, but this is where I get my information and I try to relay my gained knowledge to you as accurately as possible. I have an aunt that raises and trains free flighted birds for shows across the country. Sometimes I get to help out in her behavior seminars and workshops when I have the time. I enjoy giving lectures and have lectured on Behavior Modification in pet parrots to The Florida Parrot Rescue.
Interests I want to be the very best, to train them is my cause, Poke'mon! On a serious note though I like: Analyzing and changing animal behavior. Modifying my OWN behavior to be healthier. (OMG this shit works!) Watching Game of Thrones Stalking internet forums Planning my eventual overtaking of the world by using my knowledge to train a massive horde of death-velvet black crows to do my bidding until the world chants my name! MUAHAHA! All done by paying my servants in peanuts of course. And enjoying my odd sense of humor...
Favorite Books Contact - Carl Sagan A Zoo in My Luggage - Gerald Durrell Amazon Parrots - Rosemary Low The Dictionary

What's the most amount of sand you've ever had in your swimming trunks?

I do not wear trunks...