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Location Georgia, United States
Introduction I want to share my experiences as I research, explore, evaluate, and work to find practical approaches to changing the way we produce meat, poultry, and dairy products in this country. I believe strongly that our current system of factory farming is detrimental to our health, our planet, and the animals. I believe that stewardship over this planet and the animals that share it with us is an important God-given responsibility that each and every one of us shares. And I believe that we are currently blowing it - big time! So, this blog is my opportunity to not only speak out about my moral convictions on this matter; but to literally put my money where my mouth is. Another phrase that comes to mind is: put up or shut up! And I am at that point. I either really believe what I'm saying - and therefore need to ACT on it - or I don't really believe it and it's time to shut up and move on. So, I invite you to join me on my journey of discovery. I will share with you what I learn as I research, dig out, and sort through the information on food production here in America. I will also share with you my own experiences as I try to live what I believe.