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Industry Student
Location Washington, United States
Introduction Primarily, no: I ain't no mama. I am a theater nerd trying to get my Associate of Arts along with my high school diploma, doing so by thriving on sheer stress, espresso, and hummus. I would like to say that as a vegan I'm wise and selfless, but in truth I'm rather silly and self-indulgent. When in doubt, I can be found napping in the green room, indulging in the nearest jar of peanut butter, or listening to podcasts in a bubble bath.
Favorite Movies Little Miss Sunshine, Miss Congeniality, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Juno, Love Actually, Donnie Darko, Pulp Fiction, Psycho, Dogma, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Josie & the Pussycats, Frida, Milk, Green Street Hooligans, The Happening

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

No. Both are descended from the "Cutleris sapiens," but as the species evolved, spoons split off from forks. Sporks (or "foons," in some parts of the world), however, are the bastard child of the two species. Because of the interspecies gene pool, sporks have inherited genetic disorders (such as mental retardation) that have rendered them significantly less efficient than either utensil.