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Gender MALE
Location Saint Louis, MO, United States
Introduction I'm a 16 year Magic The Gathering vetern. I used to play at LGS's but I'm an MTGO (Magic The Gather Online) Addict at this point (could only take so much BO).

My typical win ratio in Standard is 70%, but those are just casual games. So far I haven't played a Standard constructed tourney yet.

Almost all my decks are rogue decks. I feel like netdecking is like plagiarism.

I love drafting. I've won 1 draft and came in 2nd a handful of times. I've been drafting for about 1 month now. Lot's o fun.

My MTGO username is - mrizos

This blog is mainly my little notebook...a place to organize deck ideas, keep track of stats and changes, post draft videos, discuss single cards and more more more...