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Introduction I was originally diagnosed as Ana Regzig about five or six years ago. Most recently, I was intervened and sent to a recovery program, during which I was re-diagnosed as ED-NOS, brought back to a "healthy" weight, and then released to return to work. I am a full-time actress in film and television, thus I will always blog anonymously.///// If you aren't disordered but wish you were, fuck off, go count your blessings and eat a sandwich. Wannarexics will not be tolerated.///// If you are disordered and find any inspiration and/or THINspiration in my blog, I wish you the best. I don't like to endorse eating disorders, but I do encourage mutual support and understanding. I believe in supporting you, trusting you to make your own choices.///// If you are disordered and in recovery, do yourself a favor and close this page now, call your doctor, and confess that you've been searching for pro-ana sites online. Don't leave me a message, don't leave me a comment, go away and get help if you can. I know what you're feeling and I know it's not easy. Escape if you can, but know that I'll be here with open arms if you decide you need to come back.///// You are loved. ~~Ana~~