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Location San Diego, California, United States
Interests Reading books in the sun, hiking any trail anywhere, planting and growing things, cooking and creating recipes, loving on any dog or cat within reach, writing poetry, sipping wine, listening to fire crackle, tent camping, thrift shopping, zumba, swap meets, tattoos, snuggles.
Favorite Movies The Lion King, Harold and Maude, Lolita, 16 Candles, The Craft, Point Break, Hackers, Flashdance, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Blue Velvet, Mallrats. Documentaries about food, animals, or really weird stuff.
Favorite Music Gangsta Rap, Old Country, Punk rock, Metal, Jazz, Bluegrass.
Favorite Books Favorite Writers: Bukowski, Francesca Lia Block, George RR Martin, Kerouac, Edward Abbey, Barbara Kingsolver, David Sedaris, Laurie Nataro.