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Gender Female
Location Lonestar State of Mind, Texas
Introduction I started this page to encourage myself to write more. I think words have power and people can be transported and changed by them. It is my hope that my writing will improve and that I will develop a following. I'm going to state the obvious... ALL WRITTEN CONTENT OF THIS SITE IS THE COPYRIGHT PROPERTY OF SHERRY OBSHEATZ UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED. ALL PHOTOGRAPHS ARE GOOGLE OR FLICKR IMAGES, UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED.
Interests Classic Movies, reading, writing, poetry (I love that a few phrases can evoke such strong emotions), Garrison Keillor, Eddie Izzard, Ira Glass. How our planet works, The Menil, Rauschenburg, De Koonig, Jasper Johns, Max Ernst and Magritte. 1920's and 30's, French Cabaret, Art Deco, Flappers, Vamps and Divas. Montparnasse in the 1920's. Bobbed hair. Cuba and Mexico during the 30's and 40's. Ren Faire, Lucrezia Borgia, Catherine Medici, big floppy eared dogs and turkeys. I enjoy politics and history, listening to friends play music.
Favorite Movies Lost in Translation, Hope and Glory, Local Hero, Bend it Like Beckham, Bladerunner, Muriel's Wedding, Raise the Red Lantern, Bride and Prejudice (big fans of Indira Varma and Aishwarya Rai), Room with a View, (the Eternal Why?) (Love Julian Sands, he should have played Lestat.) Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle, Run Lola Run, Rocky Horror Picture Show (shiver with an...tici....pation), The Hunger (beautifully filmed), Excalibur, Goodnight and Good Luck, Shaun of the Dead, A Clockwork Orange, Fight Club, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Orlando, Conceiving Ada (I adore Tilda Swinton), Vengo (if you want to hear some incredible flamenco, watch this movie), The Princess Bride, Amelie, Life is Beautiful, Joyeux Noel. I love older movies like Philadelphia Story, Auntie Mame, The Women, The More the Merrier, Shadow of Doubt, Of Human Bondage, Stranger, The Suspect and I am a sucker for Doris Day and Jean Arthur movies. And many, many, more...I think a lot of today's movies lack good writing.
Favorite Music My musical tastes are all over the map. I like a lot of the Asian underground, Hindi, Bhangra, Punjabi. Midival Punditz, Nikodemus, Bollywood Brass Band, Azam Ali... I also like groups coming out of Scandinavia and the Netherlands, Garmarna, Hedingra, Annaborg Lien, Sorten Muld... Funky Lounge groups, Pink Martini, Nouvelle Vague, Brazilian Girls... I also enjoy, Ambient, Trip Hop, Bliss, Fluke, Delirium, Leftfield, DJ Lithium, DJ Krush, Hooverphonics, Afterlife, The Flir, Morcheeba...to name a few)) traditional Irish music, Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention, Clannad... and Flamenco Paco de Lucia, Sabicas, Tomatito, Ottmar Liebert... Also Leonard Cohen, Edith Piaf, Eartha Kitt, Billie Holiday. And I still listen to some 80's music, Souxsie and the Banshees, Cocteau Twins, This Mortail Coil, Dead Can Dance, The Cure, Cabaret Voltaire, Bronski Beat, Bryan Ferry, The Pogues, Buzzcocks, Dead Kennedys, Tori Amos and Kate Bush (Kate is a Goddess)! And I don't care if it makes me geeky! Listening to ABBA makes me happy!
Favorite Books I've read a lot of books, I think it would be easier to put my favorite Authors.Sylvia Plath, Jean Rhys (Wide Sargasso Sea, Good Morning Mr. Midnight) Dorothy Parker (anything she has written), Anais Nin, Djuna Barnes, Colette, Steinbeck (Tortilla Flats, one of my favorites), Kurt Vonnegut (Breakfast of Champions, Cat's Cradle), Jane Austen (all of her books, but I think Elizabeth Bennett is my favorite character), W.B. Yeats, Carl Hiassen (his books will have you laughing out loud), Tom Robbins (Skinny Legs and All) Edith Wharton, Evelyn Waugh, Tom Stoppard, Kate Chopin. And I have to say I was dragged kicking and screaming into the world of Harry Potter and it was so worth it. They really are good books. I also like reading historical autobiographies...and many, many, more...