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Introduction is a cooking show that serves to educate those aspiring cooks who can barely tell the difference between a fork and a spoon. We too were tired of mackin' on greasy fast food and wanted to create dishes so captivating they'd make a grown man cry in the car. The only problem was our culinary skills were so horrid we could make a grilled cheese sandwich taste like fried doo-doo burger. So we headed to the most knowledgeable place we knew. No, not the African-American barbershop, we turned to the internet for our cooking salvation. But to our disappointment, all we found were recipes to read and no visual tutorials for the amateur chef (Raekwon, Wu-Tang WHAT!). However, at the minimum, we were determined to become an "alright" cook. Thru plenty trial and even more error, our abilities improved to the point where people actually ate our food and didn't vomit it back up. That's when the fluorescent bulb in our think cloud appeared. We thought, "If kitchen ignorant people like us can learn to cook then anybody can". Thus, the birth of
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