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Interests Fashion, Make-up, Cosmetics, Cruelty free, Personal Style, Movies, Series, Workouts, Animals, Animal rights, Dogs, Drawing, Painting, Interior, Decorating
Favorite Movies I am number four, Chronicle, Up, Iron Man, Spider Man, Harry Potter, Date Night, The Dark Knight, The Prestige, Sherlock Holmes, Despicable Me, How To Train Your Dragon, X-Men, The Descent, Megamind, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, Super 8, Limitless, Zodiac, Source Code, The Hangover, Ratatouille, Shrek, Toy Story, Dinner for Schmucks, Underworld, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Lord Of The Rings, The illusionist, Following, Memento, Independence Day, Deep impact, Twister, Cloverfield, King Kong, The Mist, War of the Worlds, The Hunger Games, The Avengers, Frozen, Van Helsing, The Hobbit, The Call, Now you see me, Prisoners, I Frankenstein, Free Birds, The Lone Ranger, Godzilla, Maleficent, Wreck It Ralph, Hotel Transylvania, The Maze Runner, The Polar Express, The Lorax, Kung Fu Panda, Nightcrawler, Gone Girl, Big Hero 6, Horton, Interstellar, Cinderella, Selfless, Woman In Gold, The Gift, Hidden, The Walk, Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur
Favorite Music Epica, Evanescence, Taylor Swift, Rob Dougan, Lana Del Rey, Leaves' Eyes, Lullacry, Children of Bodom, E.S. Posthumus, Two Steps From Hell, Dido, Noctura, Selena Gomez, Hilary Duff, Forever Slave, Methodic Doubt, Machine Vandals, Dimmu Borgir, Theatre Of Tragedy, Delain, Insomnium, Ghost B.C.
Favorite Books Harry Potter, The Secret Circle