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Introduction In 1984 Garip Ay was born in Siirt, Turkey. With his growing interest in pictorial arts since early childhood, he has first admitted to Diyarbakır Fine Arts Highschool followed by a major in Traditional Turkish Arts in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. Throughout these years he started to focus on a concept which the art of Ebru is open for a change as the water it is made on. This concept was later regarded as a step towards connecting a traditional Turkish art evolved into a brand new form. Although his early work was consisting of portraits of Turkish names including Yunus Emre, Mimar Sinan, Piri Reis and more; he was recognized internationally with a remake of Starry Night by Van Gogh with a touch of Ebru. Followed by this success Garip Ay was invited to many galleries around the world with his work including workshops and seminars. He introduced the renovated form of Ebru with help of video art as a medium and defended the idea that the progress in Ebru was as crucial as the result and thrilling at the same time. Bearing these progressions in mind, a new form of Ebru blended with digital arts had a chance to reach people all around the world.