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Gender Male
Industry Military
Occupation Knight-at-arms
Location London, England, United Kingdom
Introduction Western culture is, above all else, Roman - and Christian Roman at that. This is so because it has been shaped and defined by Roman Catholicism, ruled by a Roman Emperor, guided by a Roman Pontiff and blessed by Roman rites in a Roman language. Even its enemies have been forced to recognise this. Our laws, our science, our culture, our art, our music, our literature, our parliaments, our scholarship, our primary institutions all derive from this Roman and Christian heritage. The oldest rite of worship in the Christian Church is the classical, Roman rite, deriving, as it does, from the ancient Jewish Temple worship, perfected under Roman rule. It is theologically unsurpassed. It is a timeless love song to the Creator of all things. In a curious "trahison des clercs", many today, even amongst the clergy, have forgotten this and so have become disconnected from their spiritual and cultural roots. It is perhaps time to recall and re-capture our traditions and to re-connect with them in a modern setting.
Interests Slaying dragons. I am not interested in Zodiac signs which are a lot of superstitious piffle.
Favorite Movies Sissi (the Empress Elizabeth of Austria), The Coronation of Pope Pius XII, The Coronation of Pope John XXIII, The Coronation of Queen-Empress Elizabeth II, The Funeral of Queen-Empress Elizabeth the Queen-Mother, A Man for All Seasons, Lord of the Rings.
Favorite Music Victoria's Salve Regina, Allegri's Miserere, Byrd's Ave Verum, Richard Strauss' Vier Letzte Lieder, Tallis, Byrd, Mozart, Haydn, Johann Strauss, Franz Lehar, Elgar, Vaughan Williams, old British and Irish folk songs.
Favorite Books The Waverley novels of Sir Walter Scott Bt.

How many new mass priests does it take to say an old rite mass? None - they've all forgotten how to say it and can't be bothered to learn.