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Introduction Michael and I met when he just got home from his mission and started dating soon after. My mom wasn't too happy with me dating an RM she said he would want to get married and I thought "yeah right" I guess mothers do know best! After casually dating for a while Michael went to Idaho but before he left he broke up with me:( I didn't know why but I was determined not to let it bother me. That night for single adult FHE we picked names from a hat to go on a date with I can't remember my would-be dates name but he had a Corvet and I was excited to ride in it. When I got home Michael called me, I had no idea why since we had just broken up, but I talked to him and told him that I had a date for the upcoming dance, he hung up on me. But he called back and apologized and said the thought of me dating someone else made him sick and he couldn't talk to me. then he asked if I would go to the dance with him if he came back. of course I said yes and he asked me not to date anyone else. I haven't even wanted to and we've been blissfully married for eight years and have been greatly blessed with 4 children, the highlights of my life.