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Introduction People don't easily get over some relationship problems or relationship rifts. And we can't force someone to come back to our friendship, without paying the consequences. After all, it is their decision.
Interests Ultimately, if the decision is not the one we want, we must be able to go on with our lives. We can always learn from the experience and use our knowledge to help us succeed in future relationships, and to love people more fully. It pays to keep a positive mental attitude in cases where people have trouble re-establishing trust. Our communication attempts should be positive and hopeful in nature. We should be prepared to be patient and to give more time . . . before going on to additional steps to facilitate healing and to repair a problem relationship. And if you want your relationship to be better than ever . . . ask what you can do to help, rather than expecting the other person to do something. Don't sit around and wait for something to happen. Take the initiative. When I talk about the absolute importance of play to the long-term success of a relationship, couples sometimes look at me in disbelief. Are you kidding? Play? Who cares about playing? That's for kids! Who's got time? But . . . show me a couple who has lost their zest for having fun and I'll show you a couple whose relationship is b-o-r-i-n-g! And a couple whose hidden relationship problems may be keeping them from having fun. Play is so critical to the success of a romantic relationship it's hard to overstate it. If you want to give your relationship a shot of adrenalin, try using a strategy I often recommend to my clients. Sometimes it's even possible for a couple to rescue their relationship by simply having more fun! It will help you to have a healthier relationship and keep your relationship young and vital.