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Industry Arts
Occupation Perfume Creatrix at
Location Portland, OR, United States
Introduction In elementary school, I won the sixth grade spelling bee. In junior high I liked metal music and playing guitar. In high school, I spent a month in Germany. In college I majored in painting and art education and got my BFA from Western Michigan University and a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Lewis and Clark College. I am Lucumi and on May 5th of 2007 I became a priest of the Orisha Eleggua. I love and find inspiration in most, if not all, of the world's religions. I particularly am fond of Vajray─üna Buddhism, the Dianic and Feri traditions of Witchcraft, Hoodoo (though that's not a religion) and Lucumi (Santeria sans Catholicism). I am also mama to two amazing kidlets: Lucy and Sebastian. Conjure Oils is my labor of love.
Interests 93, abstract expressionism, aleister crowley, american tribal bellydance, anaïs nin, ancestor veneration, aveda, beverage loco, black heart of innocence, blue fire, blue gates of death, bluish violet hydrangeas, bovedas, carlos dengler, chameleons uk, chango, cocteau twins, condition oils, conjure oils,, crows, current 93, dead can dance, delphinium, diamanda galas, didé, editors, eggplant, egun, einstuerzende neubauten, eleggua, eminem, ephemera, feri, ffx, ffx2, florida water, flower essences, folk magic, frida kahlo, ftsh6, green tara, hank williams sr., harold and maude, helen frankenthaler, hello kitty, henry & june, hoodoo, hothead paisan, indian food, interpol, iva bittova, japanese gardens, joy division, kabbalah, kala, kali ma, kitchens of distinction, la regla de ocha, labradorite, legendary pink dots, loteria cards, love and light,, lucumi, lukumi, luna, lunar cycles, lynda barry, macrobiotics, manchester, mark burgess, massive attack, merlot, milagros, ming, minty tingle, mojo hands, mojuba, moss, mr. bungle, mu receptors, my madrina, napoleon dynamite, nick bantock, nick drake, noetic sciences, nori maki, november, obatala, ochossi, ochun, october, ogun, old school, olofi, olokun, opiates, ordo templi orientis, orisha, orishas, oshun, oya, pacific ocean, painting with tar, paul mercer, pee wee's playhouse, pema chodron, perfume making, petitgrain, phosphenes, pomegranates, q-tips, rainclouds, reiki, ren & stimpy, rider-waite tarot, rootworkers, santeria, sea priestess, september, severus snape, silence sea and sky, slytherin, soul in isolation, spiritism, spring, star goddess, starfish, stella artois, swirly, the chameleons, the cure, the moon, the stills, the wake, thelema, this mortal coil, thrift scores, throbbing gristle, thursday's child, tom robbins, triple soul, vajrayana, vajrayogini, voluntary simplicity, will heggie, witchcraft, witchroots, yngwie j. malmsteen, ♥
Favorite Music the chameleons, nick drake, cocteau twins, paul mercer, dead can dance, legendary pink dots, cure, current 93, david bowie, celia cruz, the frogs

When you open your eyes underwater, do you ever worry that you'll drown?

no. i stopped breathing with my eyes long ago.