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Gender MALE
Industry Law Enforcement or Security
Occupation Writer. CQC Instructor. Retired law enforcement.
Location Dallas, Texas, United States
Introduction Ever wonder why Hock conducts about 40 seminars a year in 13 different countries for 20 years? With little to no advertising? Why he sees over 2,500 citizens, cops & soldiers each year? He's been as far as Southwest Asia to train the military? He's taught at Quantico, the Naval Academy, Pendleton, been a paid consultant for the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. He's taught at the South African Police Academy & other police academies in the U.K., Europe, Australia and the US. He has taught at just about every kind of martial school. He has no catchy sales crutches like BJJ, Krav, Bruce Lee, Inosanto, Gracie, JKD, Arnis, Systema etc. Just him. How? Why? One answer is simple - his pragmatic, event-based, practical, quality material.

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Please just look/click on here for seminars - http://www.forcenecessary.com/self-defense-courses/
Favorite Books Don't Even Think About It!, My Gun is My Passport, Be Bad Now, Blood Rust. Knife/Counter-Knife Combatives, Impact Weapon Combatives