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Industry Student
Occupation Student
Location London, United Kingdom
Introduction As the world falls deeper into the grave it dug for itself, I choose to write and stay away from the mundane interests of other humans. I might not be the most educated or talented person to write stories or poems - but I try to learn and keep making efforts to do what I love the most. ;)
Interests Lazing around on my bed, waiting for something charming or remotely exciting to happen to me - which it almost never does.. :) What a happy life I must lead!
Favorite Movies I watch a lot of stuff - foreign movies are great too. I watch a lot of french movies to help me with learning the language. I am not pretentious - I just like the way they have quirky movies and very few mainstream stuff.
Favorite Music I listen to ANYTHING! Right now I am hooked to Nico Vega songs! They are a relatively new band - but they are amazing! I love Burn Burn and Be Giving! :) I like to visit my happy place by listening to Big Bang and other K-Pop or Asian bands. :P Join me, will ya?
Favorite Books Oh this could take a while!

For your birthday, your aunt gave you a maple syrup dispenser shaped like a rooster. Please write her a thank-you note:

Whenever I wake up, I will try not to remember how much I want to kill you as I squeeze the chicken and find maple syrup.