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Location American Fork, Utah, United States
Introduction We met in september 2006 at Dan Petersen school. We were realy shy around one another, but soon became close friends. We were invited on a group date at the end of september to go bowling. That is when we realy got to know to each other. We talked for hours and even had time to go make britt's boy friend jealous. The next day she came over to my house in highland for a barbeque. We made tinfoil dinners and all night we played the game " You tell me first." When we finally told one another our feelings for each other. There was one rule that Britt had for me. No Kissing. Of course I didn't care, I had never kissed a girl, and too tell you the truth I was bit nervous to kiss anyone. Well our next date I showed up in my DAD's Audi TT. I was realy going to impress her. Well we went out, went back to my dad's and got into the hot tub. Well you just guess where our first kiss was! Any way we were married JULY 28,2007. Our son Parker's due date is October 30, 2008. Now our son is here and he is the pride of our lives!
Interests We love to sing, read, watch movies, and eat ice cream!
Favorite Movies Josh's- I am Legend, Harry Potter Britt's- Father of the Bride
Favorite Books Josh's- Harry Potter Britt's- Jack Weyland books

You're wearing a sweater that stretches down to your feet. What color belt do you put on?

None! If the sweater goes down to my feet I won't need pants.