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Industry Arts
Occupation Philologist
Location Lancashire, United Kingdom
Introduction Though I was born in Argentina my homeland ins the entire planet. A wonderer, meanderer and true child at heart I am always on the go and and always missing what I left behind. I am adventurous and rather shy sometimes, although amongs friends I can talk for hours!.. if you are my friend you will know it and you can be sure that my heart is a guarantee and my lips are sealed.
Interests I am probably interested in everything there is. There is something interesting to say about almost all topics once you sink deep into them. However I have a tendency to be passionate about music.. oh, blessed music! Maybe for the ability of music to reach us in the most profound and incomprehensible of ways. Literature is my other passion... it comes with the professional territory. Literature has been my world inside this world for three decades.. and what a world it is! (Spanish) Todo me interesa. Es difícil encontrar algún tema aburrido cuando uno realmente se adentra en su complejidad. Mi mayor pasión es la música. tanto escucharla como practicarla... nada en el mundo tiene el poder que la música ejerce sobre nuestra mente, o sobre el cuerpo. De profesión siempre he estado conectada a las palabras.. la literatura ha sido mi mundo por tres décadas. Un mundo que se alimenta de mí y para mí.. de ti y para todos. ****
Favorite Movies I love films in general.. so I will not attempt to make a list. I saw The Island last night for the first time and I must admit I liked it.. even with all the action.
Favorite Music Everything and anything.. I am never sastisfied with music... I always want to discover something new. However... nothing like rancheras, maná, Britney Spears, música grupera, Palito Ortega, Beyoncé or Robbie WIlliams interests me... (sorry)
Favorite Books Imposible tener un favorito.. digamos que por el momento estoy leyendo mucho a Elizabeth Bishop... **** No way I can list them.. let“s just say at the moment I am very much into Elizabeth Bishop..