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Location New York, United States
Introduction I have a toddler and an infant at home, a wonderful husband and an insane dog. I like to talk about food, rant about things that happen in my life, and give my unsolicited opinion on, well, everything. Come join me i as I ramble on and on- and don't make this a one-sided conversation!
Interests cooking, eating, reading, writing, being with friends, hanging out with my fam.
Favorite Movies I gravitate toward, horror, movies (zombie and vampire flicks are my fave) and silly, comedies, Dramas and movies that mean anything to society make me sob embarrassingly.
Favorite Music Right now?, Children's music, - because it's all I ever hear.
Favorite Books Those by, David Sedaris, Ayn Rand, Chelsey Handler, (the randomness of my interests contributes to to randomness of my mindset) To be honest I'll read just about anything- including the back of the shampoo container.