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Introduction Rothbardville is my name for private neighborhoods where like minded people could live together. Liberals with liberals. Conservatives with conservatives. Liberals with conservatives. Whatever. Ban dopers. Ban immoral people. Require immoral people. Ban guns. Require guns. Ban gays. Require gays. Who cares? The point that is always missed and misunderstood on this topic is that there are plenty of effective sanctions other than the initiation of violence. Bigots could be easily dealt with through ostracism and they would be easily identifiable by their refusals to deal. These arrangements would mean the end of the drug war, public schools and the culture war. If you do not want to associate with someone, then don't. These lifestyle issues are simply not POLITICAL questions and can be resolved voluntarily. POLITICS should be concerned solely with the important issues of crime and the violations of individual rights by the state and non-state criminals. Further, and perhaps most importantly, these voluntary associations would be safe not only from criminals but from political demagogues who always whip up hate and political persecution against the powerless.