Impulsive Addict

About me

Industry Education
Occupation Unemployed (BY CHOICE) teacher
Location Small Town, Oklahoma, United States
Introduction I've been married to a wonderful husband for 9 years. I'm a wife-in-training, MOMMY to Emma Kate, gourmet chef, costume-wearing maid, laundry washer (and dryer), household accountant, daughter, granddaughter, great granddaughter, sister, best friend, teacher, and a momma dog to a great girl (dog) named Lexi. My posts will hold nothing back even if it means posting my most embarrassing moments including my drunken stupors. DON'T YOU JUDGE ME!
Interests *Working out at the gym* *dogs* *spending time with family and friends* *Margarita's during happy hour* *OU & Packer Football* *traveling to new places* *reading* *hot chocolate with whipped cream* *Reading Us Weekly* *teaching* *facials* *Taco Bueno* *pedicures* *massages* *playing board games* *comedies* *being silly* *laughing until my stomach hurts* *weddings* *smelling candles* *long walks* *waterfalls* *home-baked goodies* *chocolate* * diet cherry vanilla DP's from Sonic* *praying* *floating the river* *camping* *angels* *plants* *Pac Man* *summer vacations* *sour candy* *chips & queso* *fruity umbrella drinks* *tortillas with butter & honey* *laying out by the pool with a frozen drink* *shoes* *sarcasm* *driving fast* *jokes* *fried pickles* *feather pillows* *pictures* *chicken* *naps* *vegetables* *quotes from funny movies* *curled up on the couch watching a movie on a cold night* *my ipod* *roller coasters* *being impulsive* *air hockey* *ranch dressing* *stick shifts* *sour cream & onion chips* *happy endings* *new/old/best friends* *long, hot baths in winter* *flip flops* *music* *surprises* *casinos* *hugs* *picnics in spring* *purses* *girl's night out* *swimming* *dolphins* *pancakes* *chewing gum* *dunking oreos in milk* *dinner parties with friends* *random acts of kindness* *people-watching* *astronomy* *kissing* *organization* *drinking cold water* *jolly ranchers* *beer with new thing!*