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Location Llanelli, United Kingdom
Introduction I'm a knitter with constant WIPs. I'd love to be a pirate and I REALLY want a dog.
Interests Knitting, Pirates, Video games, Books, TV, Films and Dogs!
Favorite Movies Anything by Jackie Chan, Singin' in the Rain, Disney, A Dog's Breakfast, Star Wars Ep.4, 5, 6, Lord Of The Rings, An Affair to Remember, Rear Window, North By NorthWest, Indiana Jones, Back To The Future, Santa Claus The Movie, Withnail and I, Fifth Element, Priscilla, Ghostbusters, Leon, High Fidelity, Grosse Pointe Blank, Better Off Dead, Big Lebowski, Demolition Man, Stop or My Mom Will Shoot, Short Circuit, Almost Famous, Princess Bride, A Series Of Unfortunate Events, The Grinch, Muriel's Wedding, Ace Ventura, Kiki's Delivery Service, Strictly Ballroom, Liar Liar, Blue Harvest, A Scanner Darkly, Iron Man, The Frighteners, Shaun, Hot Fuzz, Asterix, Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, Wayne's World, Stargate The Movie, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, Ferris Bueller, TV:, House, Top Gear, Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, Black Books, Spaced, MacGyver, Jeeves and Wooster, Pushing Daisies, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Big Bang Theory, Life On Mars, Family Guy, Blackadder, Poirot, Lewis, Sliders, Quantum Leap, Phoenix Nights, Heroes, Lost, The X Files, Relic Hunter, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, QI, Jonathan Creek, The Real Ghostbusters, Pocoyo, Batman The Animated Series, How I Met Your Mother, Sarah Connor Chronicles...
Favorite Music G'N'R, Judas Priest, Queen, Iron Maiden, Band Of Horses, Joe Cocker, Bon Jovi, The Smashing Pumpkins, Ozma, Elvis, The Monkees, ABBA, John Denver, Band from TV (just for Hugh Laurie), The Turtles
Favorite Books Specifically: Terry Pratchett's Night Watch, Roald Dahl's Danny Champion of The World), Hugh Laurie's The Gun Seller, Nick Hornby's High Fidelity, Tolkien's The Hobbit, Generally: Anything by Terry Pratchett, Roald Dahl, Stephen Fry and P.G Wodehouse; Harry Potter 1-7, Jackie Chan's Autobiography, Stephen Fry's Autobiography, and newly discovered Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice (<3)

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

'Spoons--> Sporks--> Forks'