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Gender MALE
Location New York, United States
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Introduction Born into a world where a select few control the masses through our differences such as race, religion, wealth, or whatever else the elite can use to exploit the people of this planet. It is my wish to empower all human beings to stand up against oppression and corruption and live as all human beings were meant to live and not just the select few that have enslaved us all in dept, misery and servitude. I aim to accomplish this one video at a time using the power of truth as my weapon against the forces of evil that currently control this planet. People of the world, you are in grave danger and you will do well to heed my warning.
Interests Releasing hydrogen from water to end our dependence on oil, string theory, physics, dark matter, space and time, science, mathematics, creating a planet of critically thinkers not easily misled or influenced by the evil elite in power that wish to control the planet through lies and fear.
Favorite Movies The day the Earth Stood Still, illuminati, New World Order, Freemasons, Dollar Bubble, 9/11, Alex Collier, Alex Jones, David Icke, Farrakhan
Favorite Music All music that stimulates a pleasant mood in me, rap, pop, R&B, Jazz, Rock, Country, I enjoy it all as long as it contains substance.
Favorite Books All the internet is my book, the combine writings of all known and unknown things. I thirst knowledge in it's entirety.

What is your freedom worth to you?