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Introduction You won't find scrapbook layouts or photos of my family on this blog site ~ even though my family inspires everything I do. The purpose of this blog is to have a place to share inspiration and motivation through writing. I have always loved to write, have an eye for design, and possess a compelling nature to edit everything I read. I write books that promote a positive self-image and attitude, while entertaining the reader. Feeling good about yourself is the key to achieving your dreams. I know my messages can inspire those who might seek out or stumble upon this blog. But, keep in mind ~ I do not claim to be any kind of expert on having a positive attitude. Sometimes the writer benefits more from what is written than does the reader. So, welcome to the blog that will lift your spirits, motivate a positive attitude, and help you get through your day.
Interests Family, Fitness, Fiction, Food. My Family is what inspires me. I love to work out. I love to write. I enjoy cooking (I'm not saying I'm good at it, but I enjoy it!).
Favorite Books Anything by Dr. Seuss because of the wacky rhymes. Anything by Gerald Lund or John Bytheway because of the spiritual inspiration. Anything by Jane Austen because of the romance, mystique, and language.