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Industry Non-Profit
Location Originally from London..., ...but currently residing in Leicestershire, United Kingdom
Introduction There were 2 Helens at the time, & I can't remember what the other one got called, but Mrs Twinkletoes named me Helen Sparkles (cos I do apparently) & it's stuck...! This space has been created mostly for my own amusement & shall be a mixture of high & low culture, along with a pinch of serious comment on current affairs, venturing into the occasional social issue, as well the occasional foray into musings & hidden shallows. Mostly I shall be trying to ensure it looks pretty!
Interests I am interested in everything, and easily bored, ready to move on to the next thing!
Favorite Movies The Neon Bible, Mildred Pearce
Favorite Music Springsteen.
Favorite Books The 3 R's; anything by Raymond Carver, Richard Yates or Richard Ford.

The love potion you made tastes terrible. How will you drink it?

I won't, love is random, and shouldn't taste terrible!