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Introduction I was taught that meat & dairy were essential for health, necessary to consume daily. After 18 yrs of being forced by my well meaning parents to eat cows, pigs, chicken, eggs, milk, cheese, I became vegetarian. I still consumed eggs & cheese because I believed what I was taught. I stopped drinking cow's milk because I hated the taste & how it made me feel. I believed for years the dairy industry "wasn’t that bad & cows aren't killed"! Wow how wrong I was! I understand being indoctrinated in these beliefs makes it difficult to see the truth. I learned about the horrors & cruelty & it broke my heart. In 2008, pregnant with my 1st-born miracle, I transitioned into 100% vegan. As a person who hated “meat”, seeing the truth was something I couldn't bear to witness, but that only kept me willfully ignorant! Now I witness & share the truth in my own little way. This is dedicated to all the animals being killed this very second & all the animals that have lost their life for human consumption.
Interests Animal Rights, Buddhism, Children, Art, Music, Dancing, Painting, Writing, Drawing, Modern Dance, Vegan, Veganism, Plant-based Diet, Joy, Compassion, Equanimity, Love
Favorite Movies 2021, going on my 12th year vegan and I love it more everyday!
Favorite Music I love sharing all I learn along my vegan journey
Favorite Books Eat a plant-based diet for health & the well being of all creatures and Earth.

I share these thoughts from a "Buddhist-ish" perspective.