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Gender MALE
Occupation He who takes and makes the phone calls that no one else wants to.
Interests I am interested in lots of things, which leads me to being easily and often distracted by any of them. I suppose one of the things that I'm most interested in these days however, is the idea of becoming a better writer. Other will have to judge whether I'm making any progress on that front. Good whiskey, good wine, good cigars, good books, and good music are my passions (though I try to show a bit more common sense in indulging in them these days). Though these passions may no longer consume me, they probably do still define me.
Favorite Movies Robin Hood (Errol Flynn not Kevin Costner), The Quiet Man, The Man Who Would Be King, The Wind and the Lion, Farewell to the King, Lawrence of Arabia, Blade Runner, Forbidden Planet, Fort Apache, and Casablanca. I also find myself drawn to some strange cult efforts like The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Through the Eighth Dimension, Young Frankenstein, Hudson Hawk, and the all-time classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
Favorite Music Classical, jazz, bluegrass, country, and "old school" rock & roll are all currently on my I-pod; along with a bit of traditional Irish music. I am currently listening to some Yes, Jethro Tull, Nickel Creek, Michael McDonald, Aisling, and some old Procol Harum (confusing, isn't it?).
Favorite Books I am a voracious reader who never has time enough to get through the stacks of material that I set aside for myself. I'm probably reading too much in the way of economics, politics, and history; and have to remind myself to throw in some Heinlein, Herbert, or Douglas Adams to break the monotony; as well as for the enjoyment. I enjoy science fiction, mysteries, military, history, and collect quotes by Thomas Jefferson, Mark Twain, and Winston Churchill (all of whom were geniuses in turning a phrase).