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Occupation My husban's wife, My kids mom
Location Chula Vista, CA
Introduction I am 25, a mother of twins and married to the most wonderful man this side of eternity. I am fat as all get out and sometimes my jeans cut into my stomach so bad that they draw blood (no foolin'). I want to be around for my kids and no matter how you slice it, you just feel better and are more comfortable when there's only one of you to carry around, not two (or three if you want to get technical). I got the idea for this from and decided to join the ranks of people who are tired of being fat and want to do something about it!!!!!
Interests Reading, Crocheting, MAKE-UP, MAKE-UP, MAKE-UP!!!!!
Favorite Books The Bible, To kill a mockingbird, Like water for chocolate, The proper care and feeding of husbands, really there is too many to mention

"What profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?" Matt 16:26