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Gender Male
Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Film Distribution
Location Beverly Hills, CA, United States
Introduction I grew up in BH and went to BH schools K-12 (Hawthorne '77, BHHS '81). I moved back to BH with my family in 2007 after over 20 years abroad. My wife Magdalena is a 1st generation BH resident. My son Vincent Bronek is a 5th generation BH resident. We'd like for BH to be the same great place for Vincent Bronek to grow up in as it was for his Dad. The quality of the BHUSD and overscale development within the City, which almost invariably leads to a deterioration of the unique BH small-town character, are particular concerns. As a direct result of these concerns, I ran for Beverly Hills City Council in March of 2009 and was elected to a 4 year term. By trade I am a film distributor, and the opinions expressed in this blog about BH city affairs or anything else, for that matter, are solely made in my capacity as a concerned BH resident, who happens to serve on the Council. My views are my own and not necessarily reflective of those of the Council. And that my views have nothing whatsoever to do with my profession and are not reflective of the views of my employer should be fairly self-evident to anyone with even just a little bit of common sense.