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Introduction Hi! My name is Erica. This is my travel blog. Unlike most of the other blogs I follow, I’m not trying to sell anything, market my services, explain how to travel cheaply, or tell you how to write a successful blog of your own. I have a job outside of travel blogging as a coastal scientist and am simply using this space as a creative means to document travel photos and stories for family, friends, and myself. I have a wild love for the Western United States and particularly for the Pacific Northwest, which is why most of my blog posts are from this geographic area. Although the PNW is my backyard playground, I have a passion for traveling and try to experience as many other cultures and places as possible. Here, you will find my stories and photos from the PNW and beyond. I hope you follow along and if you’re planning to be in a location I’ve visited, feel free to contact me regarding my experience. I would love to connect with others of similar interests so we can help each other get the most our of our travels.