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Location Cornwall, United Kingdom
Introduction After a health scare two years ago I decided to set myself the challenge of creating a wish list of 60 things to do before I am 60. No more putting things off, I want to live, love, create and enjoy every minute of my life. If I don't achieve them, I know that I will be happy anyway with the life I have already lived. I am one of the lucky ones. The 'big' one on the list and the most life changing is to move out of the city. I have a dream of living a simpler life, growing my own food and taking time to enjoy Mother Nature. Follow my progress as I work on my wish list, and share things that make me happy. Have a look around my beloved Cornwall, come on the walks with me, breath in that sea air, watch the sunsets. Shake your heads at my attempts at growing veg, learn with me as I attempt more crafts, tackle the gluten free cooking challenge. All comments and advice will be greatly appreciated. Chickpea xx