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Industry Arts
Occupation playing
Location United States
Introduction I retired at 50 in order to spend a year in the wilderness, a year of solitude, in order to divide the first part of my existence from the last. Life is as diverse as I ever imagined. Am more interested in the connections between things than the things themselves, although some things are pretty nice in their own right. Becoming a child again is trickier than I thought. Living in the country - flyover country, happily, among singing birds and happy crickets with Lovely Rita, two dogs, and a wraparound porch. Quadraphonic peace.
Interests wood, words, art, fun, photography, Nightcatchers, inventions, play, conversation, philosophy, painting, woodworking, gardening, herbs, dry humor, writing, becoming a child again, anything that stimulates the mind or produces a learning curve.
Favorite Movies Number one is still Dr. Zhivago. Altered States hangs in my memory. Most movies are either brain rot or artificial stimulants. I do like popcorn, though.
Favorite Music The sound of wind through tree leaves, the sound of a dog's tail wagging, Peggy Lee, John Lee Hooker, Leon Redbone, deep flutes, Devo Campbell. I'd like to find more on the Devo Campbell group.
Favorite Books The dictionary, and anything by Twain, Thoreau, or Charles Bukowski.

Here's a random question: What the heck was all that back there?