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Occupation Designer/Scrapper
Location Idaho, United States
Introduction I am a wife and a mama to a beautiful daughter, two darling twin Grandbabies and a teeny tiny Yorkie named Bentley. I love painted furniture, deep rich woods and adding warmth to my home to make it of peace, ease and comfort. I teach classes and love seeing my students smiles of accomplishment on their faces. If you keep adding knowledge to your life, mind and heart...you will receive warmth throughout your life.
Interests Doing things with friends, anything with laughter and happiness shared with those that I love and feel so blessed to have in my life. Designing is a passion! Scrap your life... the lives of others that have touched you in great and memorable ways. Put paper before you, collect and arrange the elements of your life....and behold...there is your uniqueness, who you are...remembered of your life for those that love you and encase your being. Design in any form is who you are, what makes you smile, what gives you warmth of days long past, present and future...enjoy your color.
Favorite Movies Anything romantic....Out of Africa, The Notebook, Cider House Rules, Message in a Bottle, Forrest Gump.
Favorite Music Celtic...anything with "strings" that slows the stress and rush of the day. Music is something I love, adore...have much passion for... music that haunts you a bit..long after you have listened to it....and then there is the angelic tone of my daughter's voice.
Favorite Books Anything that I write about my daughter....:o) and I have written volumes! I love great Bio's of people I respect and admire that have fought off and survived what life has tossed their way...the knowledge of someone else's words that echo through you and educate you in any form.

We are all the same....it is only knowledge that we possess that makes us different from one another.... Don't be threatened by it...just embrace it and enjoy it with others. It will be returned many times over and will grant you the warmth of your own being. Jealousy is such a wasted emotion.