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Industry Consulting
Occupation Executive and Research Asst.
Location Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
Introduction In my life I... Fell in love with England Have a crush on John Cusak Was held up by gunpoint Believe in angels Had a miscarriage Was voted funniest girl in high school Write poetry, wrote a song. Am a mean Scrabble queen
Interests I'm interested in people, acting, history, kids just being kids, board game nights, getting to garage sales and farmer's markets, going on road trips with good friends, breathing, letting my folks know how much they mean, being free of the clouds that have gathered, swimming anytime, summer - all the time, getting a house again.
Favorite Movies Comedy: Murder By Death Young Frankenstien The Princess Bride The Great Race Drama: To Kill a Mockingbird Adventure: National Treasure Laura Croft movies Indiana Jones movies Mummy movies Romance: The Pride and the Prejudice Gone With the Wind Hope Floats Moonstruck Series: Raiders of the Lost Ark Laura Croft The Mummy Harry Potter Mystery: Young Sherlock Holmes Adventure: Chick Flick: Steel Magnolias The Joy Luck Club While You Were Sleeping Murphy's Romance Hope Floats Spanglish Return to Me Musical: Kids Flicks:
Favorite Music Bruuuuuce! I really like a lot of genres and thanks to the kids I stay somewhat current.
Favorite Books See my blog sidebar. I've got a pretty good list started there.

If you could peer far enough into the night sky, you'd see a star in any direction you looked. When would you sleep?