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Introduction Hola...I am Mom who works at place that pays me.. I have 3 kids in a cult called Select Soccer..I practice avoiding marathoners and parental soccer units..the kindle is my weapon of choice, although a cross bow would come in handy. I run because I choose for my family to survive another day...and no..I dont want to do a marathon so shut it.
Interests Reading...hiding from sport parental Walking Dead and all that run for your life of 3 ( have I bored you yet??).. champion eyeroller ( 16 yrs and holding!)of "my kid is a honor..."bumper sticker folks, Marathon braggers, criers, dramatic females, Jackass's and women who mother husbands...the list is long folks and I've already lost focus..move on.
Favorite Movies Is this what online dating is like?..Ummm..Indiana Jones..geeky sci fi stuff.. and yes, my husband Firedaddy takes such glee that I loved The Hangover...a movie that took me a yr to watch..pretty much anything that entertains me..your buying me dinner after this right?
Favorite Music None of your damn business...I will be buried with my iPod because frankly, there is crap on there that I would rather jump in freezing water before admitting I like.
Favorite Books Way..oh way to this whole Indie ebook craze...I like anything that makes me forget I'm at a soccer field surrounded by parents in under armour...not spanx folks.

Hmmm...anyone else a little bored with their 9-5 exsistence? What do you read? Are you a parent who dreams of boarding schools to ship your teens off too? Welcome...the door is open..bring wine.