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Introduction Lynda spends most of her time painting landscapes. Her vision of the county includes the big dramatic skies, fleeting light and weather effects, harsh moor-land and soft fertile woodland. She says,” I love the contrasts Northumberland has to offer- the unexpected colour combinations and the effect that the interaction between human activity and nature have on the land. I see it as very vigorous and powerful landscape. Most of my work is a response to a particular moment and it might be a weather effect, seeing wildlife or even hearing a birdcall that makes me want to record a scene. While I do like the final image to be recognisable, it’s important to me that the nature of the painted surface itself is recognisable too. What I’m attempting to capture isn’t merely a photographic record or a superficial response, but the soul, if you like, of an individual place at a given moment. It sounds a bit pretentious, but I think all serious artists are trying to get below the surface of their subject to the essential nature of things.