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Introduction I get stumped every time I see this section..."About me"...!!! I have tried being philosophical, funny, arrogant, humble, non committal in turn but nothing seems to be satisfying...All i can say is that I am highly unpredictable!
Interests Reading, reading and even more reading, with a pinch of movies, aimless thinking (rather, dreaming) and craziness thrown in...
Favorite Movies Amelie, Penelope, Blind Side, Freedom Writers, Oceans Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen, Rocky, Front of the class....oh well, the list is never ending. I dont have even half of my favourites covered here...
Favorite Music I enjoy music quite a lot...anything works as long as it doesnt give me a headache.
Favorite Books Lots n lots of them

Random question? What random question? What do you mean by Random question?....there...there's three of them