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Occupation Writer, digital rights activist
Location T'internet, Spare Oom, United Kingdom
Introduction I've been told that the inside of my head is an interesting place. It's that appalling habit I have of thinking for myself and questioning everything instead of just accepting what I'm told and running with the herd. Not gonna happen.
Interests Digital rights, Pirate Party, writing, t'internet, monsters, graphics, cats, sci-fi, horror, fiction
Favorite Movies LOTR, The Hobbit, O Brother Where Art Thou?, The Blues Brothers, Blazing Saddles, The Producers (Original), Dragonheart, The Princess Bride, Alien 1 & 2, Predator, Ice Age, Toy Story
Favorite Music Pretty much anything except country and western.
Favorite Books Pretty much anything factual, historical, fantasy or sci-fi.