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Industry Arts
Occupation Vibrational Healing
Introduction Mom muddles through the responsibilities and life!
Interests Biodynamic farming, permaculture, The Natural World(and a fair / just one too:), Conservation, NGO's, non-profit organisations, barefoot walking / running, vivo barefoot, sustainable / renewable resources, sunshine, soap nuts, sandalwood, Indian incense, raindrops falling on a tin roof, frugal living(simplicity:)washable(non disposable)diapers and sanpro, creative, soap-making, and performing Arts, Responsible Travel, Mother India and all her gifts, Humanities, Eastern Philosophy, personal development / growth / Creativity, animals, child development, conscious parenting, baby-wearing, co-sleeping, breastfeeding, home-making, hosting, planting fruit trees and crops, nature, earth natural, animal-friendly foods, products and service ethically-good businesses / trade ie People Tree etc., rainbows, raw vegan foods, play, arts and craft, dress-making, DIY, photography, yoga, dance, belly-dancing, country dancing, singing / chanting, foraging, dreaming, drawing, painting, connecting, bonding, EC, sharing, Lotus biths, doulas, birth plans, trees, plants, flowers, fruits, laughing, conscious living, conscious, intuitive eating, being, hemp, green smoothies, fruit trees, chlorophyll and green superfoods ie chlorella, barley grass, spirulina, rebounding, raw carob, maca, hopi candles, aromatherapy, berry fruit, acai, lucuma. mesquite, reshi, herbs, soups, juicing, berry picking, physalis and incan berries, oil pulling, ayurveda, khadi, henna / mendhi, Talented artisans, jewellery, scrap booking, card / gift / dress making, ceramics, documenting, journaling, vintage '20s, '40s, '50s, '60s but best of all eras has to be the free-flowing '70s!, people watching......
Favorite Movies Too many great films!
Favorite Music All types!
Favorite Books Too many great books!