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Introduction We're well-loved and pampered pooches. Our Mama wouldn't have it any other way. Shelby - Mama raised me from just a wee little pup at a week short of 3 months old. I was part of a kennel club. Abbey - I was a rescue dachshund (twice) before finding my Mama just shy of turning 3 years old. Now I'm a happy and pampered little furry kid.
Interests Hi, I'm Shelby. I love to lick myself (oops, maybe that was TMI, as Mama calls it), play with my ever-expanding collection of balls and stuffed animals. I love to beg Mama for every treat imaginable, ahem, and I usually get it too. I have an interest in driving but Mama says and I quote 'good luck with that.' I have one fetish - I'm a fleece hugger. Love it, sleep with it and wear it in the frigid temperatures. Well, actually 'cough' I cuddle in fleece 24/7 during any temperature. Like I said, I'm a fleece hugger. ///// Hi, I'm Abbey. I love my new toys and my new life with my Mama. I'm interested in all the love I can get. You see I was a rescue dachshund (twice) before my Mama came along. I'm just interested in being loved and giving mounds of unconditional love in return.
Favorite Movies 101-102 Dalmations (although Cruella de Ville gives me the shivers), Because of Winn Dixie, Benji, Lassie (he's my hero and super mega crush), Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Super Dog. Oh and I'm anxiously awaiting that Imaginary Bitches movie although Mama tells me it's not about female dogs. I secretly have a human crush on that Eden Riegel. Shhh, don't tell Mama she'll be jealous. Ahem, maybe I can get in good with that Terrier of hers - Riley! 'wiggles eyes' Oh and how could I forget that handsome Great Dane - Scooby Doo! heheeheeh 'rolls eyes' RUH ROH!
Favorite Music Who Let The Dogs Out, The Jingle Bells Dog Christmas CD. (Who knew us canines carried such finely crafted voices?)
Favorite Books Everything I Need To Know, I Learned From My Dog (I have to keep my Mama focused, ya know?)