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Gender MALE
Occupation A guy and I do stuff.
Location Texas, United States
Introduction I am writing this because too many people already know too much about me and since I do not Believe in a God people assume the worst about me. This is being done to show I have nothing to hide, that I am not a "bad" person just because I am an Atheist, and to let others know how some people still are in this country.
Interests Science, Animals, Teaching, People, Love, Books, Television, Working-Out, Eating Right, Conversation, Learning, Art.
Favorite Movies Science Fiction movies in general, Blade Runner, Alien, Gattaca, All Star Trek movies, and the occasional love story or adventure.
Favorite Music Primus, and almost any kind of Good music from any genre.
Favorite Books Any of the Classics, Tale of Two Cities, Moby Dick, A Christmas Carol; and so on.

What is your favorite thing to do besides, eating, sleeping and sex?