About me

Industry Biotech
Occupation Scientist
Location Boston, United States
Introduction Got my life in order (finished graduate school and got a job in the 'real world'), and went off the pill with the idea of having a baby. No such luck. I didn't even get my period! Diagnosed with hypothalamic amenorrhea 9/04, and tried four cycles of injectables / IUI in 2005... then to my complete shock, ovulated on my own while waiting to do IVF, and got my two lines. My son was born 8/06. #2 was also conceived naturally, after some angst, and born 9/2008. Now working on a third (m/c in June '10, trying again since then, now IVF).
Interests ice-hockey, weight-lifting, biking, people I love, reading, cross-stitch, cheesy girly TV shows.

You have to dig a hole to China. Where do you start?

Underneath all the inconsiderate morons in the world!