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Gender MALE
Location Kolob, Moroni, Comoros, United States
Introduction I was a faithful member of the Mormon Church for over 30 years and I never doubted that it was true, not even for a second. I served an honorable two year mission in Argentina, went to BYU, was married in the temple and about 6 years ago, I began a journey that led me to the truth about Mormonism; that it is a complete lie and total fraud!! I only want to help others to discover what I have found and to know the "REAL TRUTH" and then be able to better deal with the pain of their discovery. I'm now an Ex-Mormon and an Atheist. As I always like to say..THE TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE, because TRUTH IS FREEDOM!!
Interests The "TBM's" can shoot their arrows at me all day and all night long and it will never stop me from what I'm doing, showing the world that the Mormon Church is a fraud!!
Favorite Movies September Dawn
Favorite Books An Insider's View Of MORmON Origins, In Sacred Loneliness(both books are still sold at MORmON owned and operated Deseret Book store by special order.) In Sacred Loneliness is written by a still active true-believing Mormon(TBM) who has never been punished & is STILL sold by Deseret book as I mentioned above and talks about the pervert, pedophile, serial adulterer & child rapist Joseph Smith's & his at least 33 wives(commanded by the MORmON God of course), including a 14 year old, a 15 and 16 year old, adopted twins, mother/daughter combos and 11 men's other happily married wives. This is what MORmONISM is REALLY based on!!

If you could peer far enough into the night sky, you'd see a star in any direction you looked. When would you sleep?

What would it take for you to 1st-even consider that the Church could be false and 2nd-know that the Mormon Church is false? 3rd-If Mormonism is false & based on lies, corruption & fraud..would you want to know or would you rather bury your head in the sand & keep chanting "I KNOW THE CHURCH IS TRUE" & "I KNOW THAT JOSEPH SMITH IS A PROPHET OF GOD?" Your decision..BE WISE!!