About me

Introduction I live in the London Borough of Waltham Forest. I cycle and walk the local streets most days of the year. The purpose of this blog is to illustrate the poor conditions facing cyclists and pedestrians on the Borough's streets and to demonstrate the gap between the Council's Green words and the actually existing state of things. This is a parochial blog but I like to think it has a wider significance, as the failings of national government regarding walking and cycling are reproduced at a local level. On this blog I also rant about wider issues such as road carnage and inadequate traffic law enforcement. As impending climate catastrophe nudges the human species towards extinction , this blog will be of enormous interest to extra-terrestrials as they research car dependency and the crap way cyclists and pedestrians were treated by a doomed society. Campaigners for cyclists and pedestrians, the press, and all extra-terrestrials are welcome to reproduce any of these these photographs, but please include a link or reference to this blog.