About me

Introduction I am just another soul living in a very complex world. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I love to create, write, and explore the depths of my "being". I am always seeking more from life. I am here to shine a little extra light and hope into this photograph (and a dash of wisdom) at a time... Please visit me at:
Interests Reiki, Relaxing, Flowers, Music, Travel, Photography, Nature, Healing, Angels, Feng Shui, Laughing, Skiing, Gratitude practices, Spirituality, Buddha, Zen
Favorite Movies Stealing Beauty, Bad Santa, Elf, Fandango, Transamerica, Lost in translation, Thank you for smoking, Gladiator, The Namesake, Amelie, Maria full of Grace, Pretty Woman, Breakfast club, Sixteen candles, Pretty In Pink, Brokeback Mountain, Little Miss Sunshine, Love Actually, The Holiday, Born Into Brothels
Favorite Music 70's classic rock, 80's, New Age, Ambient, blue grass
Favorite Books A New Earth, To Kill a Mocking bird, Eat Pray Love, Creative Visualization, The Red Tent, A Million Little Pieces, Twilight series, The Alchemist