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Location Louisville, KY
Introduction I'm a Jersey Girl, born and raised. I ran off to Richmond VA when I was 22 and it was the best move I've ever made. I love Richmond. You can't beat being 1 hour from the mountains and 1 hour from the beach. I met my husband there. We bought a nice little house on 5 acres in Plantation Land. I loved that house. It was absolutely lovely. We adopted a dog, Lindy, while we lived there. She's a "walker hound" basically she's a Beagle with long legs. She's a trip. We bought a pool table, a turn table, some old records, a bar, some good liquor and made our own little paradise in the country. We traveled, traveled and traveled some more(Paris, Munich, Rome, St. Lucia(read the blog...I'll cover it all eventually)). Then one day my husband got a job offer he couldn't refuse and we moved to Philadelphia(we did the reverse Green Acres thing). It's different for sure, but I love it here. The food, the culture, the excitement. And I'll write about this all if you'd like to hear about it.
Interests I love to....... Scuba dive, play tennis, camp, hike, shoot skeet w/my hubby(I will get as good as him some day), cook up a storm!, eat(home-cooked, the craziest grub you can think of, pretty much anything), drink(dry gin martini w/3 olives or bourbon neat), TRAVEL!(pay me to do it and I'll love you forever), collect old vinyl records, play guitar hero(don't judge me), beat my husband at pool, sing with my dog(she's a hound), to be continued....