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Occupation Stay-at-home-mom
Location Phoenix, AZ, United States

I'm a SAHM to 5 children. I have four amazing sons who are 12, 11, 8 & 7, and a fantastic girl who is 5.

We're a radical unschooling vegan family, and I (was) a breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing, co-sleeping mom, who is also a no vax'ing, attachment parenting mom. I'm pierced, tattooed, and dye my hair bright red. I love wearing pigtails and striped socks.
Interests vegan, veganism, vegan children, vegan cooking, natural food, budgeting, meal-planning, cooking, listening to music, unschooling, radical unschooling, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, baby wearing, attachment parenting, organic food, menu planning, cooking from scratch, intactivism, no vaccinations, big family, recycling, being green, natural household cleaners, radical unschooling
Favorite Movies Scream, May, anything with Drew Barrymore
Favorite Music Seether, Finger Eleven, Stabbing Westward, Adema, Celldweller, The Dreaming, Crystal Method, Damone, Saving Abel, Three Days Grace, Earshot, Gravity Kills, Evans Blue, The Exies, Kidney Thieves, Manson, NiN, Spineshank, God Lives Underwater, Stereomud, Hurt, Staind, Papa Roach, Flaw, Theory of a Deadman